We now make Pot-Holders
"Hot Pads"

Crochet Top Kitchen Towels and Gifts
Every hanging towel is hand crocheted with loving care. Towels are topped with colorful yarn, not just white. They also have a coordinating button. Our towels add the perfect accent to your decorating style.
"Towels just like your Grandma use to make"

Use them in your kitchen, bathroom, or give as a gift.
Just throw them in the washer, they last a long, long time.
We have over 195 Theme Kitchen Towels.

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Crochet Towel $5.00 each
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Heart Apples Amer. Flag A Bicycle Amer. Flag Amer. Star Star Liberty Amer. Sailboat 4th w/ballons
Towels for
all Seasons,
and celebrating
all the
Americana Star Star_Stripes 4th O July 4th O July 2 Flag Wrap Americana Heart Americana Mailbox


Monkey Business Precious Blue Precious Pink Ariel Princess Crowns Princess Time Princess B Tinkerbell
1 in stock)
Tinkerbell 2

~Coffee Towels~

Cafe Coffee Flavors Coffee B Coffee E Coffee G Mocha Cafe Coffee-Caffe Coffee Cups 2 Café Coffee Words
Cuppucino Cafe Expresso Cuppucino 3 Cup Stack Perk-O-Lator Cup-n-Pot Cup-n-Pot 2 Another
Cup Stack
Coffee J Coffee Mug Blue
Coffee n fruit Mocha 3 Coffee Cups Hot Coffee Coffee H Mochacino
Caffe Latte Mochacino Cuppucino 4 Expresso 2
More Coffee


Chef G Chef H Chef Bistro Chef A Chef B Chefs C Chef F Chef J Pastry Chef Chef K

Chefs in

Boss of the Sauce Pizza Chef Chef's Special Waiters Waiters B Chef L Let's Cook The Burger
the Better
Dough Unto


Breakfast Breakfast 2 Breakfast Sqs. Dinner Reservations BBQ A BBQ B Pantry Favorites Good Food Salt & Pepper
Campbells Can Burgers Spicy Chilii Chili Soup Outdoor Grill Jalapeno Little Peppers Peppers B Chips n Salsa Peppers 2
Black Olives Linen-Olives Olive Oil Olive Oil A Olive Oil B Olive Oil Oganic Olives & Oil Olive Farm Mixer Cookout
Bon Appetit Pots n Pans Wheat Mill Bake with Joy Square Dishes Instant Diva The Queen Canning Cayenne Jalpeno 2
Salsa Utensils (purple) Silverware Cuisinart
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